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43 in Spanish

Number 43 in Spanish -  número cuarenta y tres en español

The number 43 in Spanish is simple to remember as the word can be broken down:

The translation of forty-three from English to Spanish is cuarenta y tres

The number is broken down into three smaller words to form cuarenta y tres which means forty and three. It follows a number pattern within its sequence from 41 to 49. This particular group of numerals start with cuarenta y and end with the final number, in this example tres. When these basic words are joined together, they form the number 43 in Spanish which is cuarenta y tres. There are tips and a language video below to teach kids and beginners how to say the numbers correctly in this language.



43 in Spanish - Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

Number forty-three is known as a cardinal or counting numeral as it represents quality. In the English language, we commonly to use the ordinal number in speech and written literature. Common uses in English include writing or saying the date, century, position and royal title.

Spanish is not the same as the ordinal numbers are rarely used after the 10th ordinal. Instead, it is replaced by the cardinal. The English ordinal for 43 is forty-third, also written as 43rd.

43 in Spanish
The number 43 in Spanish is n
úmero cuarenta y tres.  These easy, basic sentences for kids and beginners consist of simple words and vocabulary which include numeral forty-three:

  • mi hermano tiene cuarenta y tres años
    my brother is forty-three years old
  • en el piso cuarenta y tres
    on the 43rd floor (cardinal number used)

What is 43 in Spanish?
The number 43 in Spanish translates to cuarenta y tres. A long number which is quite easy for children and beginners to learn, however, spelling and writing the word is not so easy to grasp and remember. Correct number pronunciation is important - listen to our language audio video below to practice saying 43 in Spanish:

  • the letter c sounds like the c in the word cat
  • the sound of the letter u is like oo in cool
  • the letter a is sounds similar to the a in rack
  • r is pronounced like the r in the word role
  • the e is pronounced like letter e in end
  • the letter n sounds like the n in now
  • letter t is like the t at the beginning of tint
  • the final a sounds similar to the a in rack
  • tres is simple to pronounce, please refer to the number three for further tips

43 in Spanish - number translation
How to count and say number 43 properly
Learn how to spell the number fortythree
Pronouncing number cuarenta y tres
How to say número cuarenta y tres
Improve understanding and listening skills
Translate the number 43 to English
Count forty-three los números en español
Pronunciation Language Audio Video


Pronunciation Video - How to say 43 in Spanish



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43 in Spanish


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